Bluetooth & USB 3.0 - A guide to resolving your Bluetooth woes

About this website

This site was born as a result of a normal computer user having exactly the problem the site aims to help others fix. About a year and a half ago your humble web master purchased a new laptop that came with USB 3.0 ports. What could possibly go wrong ?...


It was my first computer with USB 3.0 and so to mark the occasion I also ordered a USB 3.0 hub and a lovely new Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse to compliment the laptop.

To cut a long story short I almost ended up returning both the laptop and the mouse due to the unreliable function of the mouse. It was actually my first Bluetooth device and I ended up just assuming that maybe "this is how it is sometimes with Bluetooth" and gave up. I had an older more basic "wireless mouse" in a drawer that used a proprietary wireless USB adapter and at some point tried that with the laptop. That worked so I just left my new Bluetooth mouse in the drawer gathering dust and then forgot about the problem altogether.


Jump forward a year and I had exactly the same problem at work with another Bluetooth mouse stuttering and jumping around the screen. I then remembered the experience a year earlier with my own laptop and realized that Bluetooth can't always be this unreliable and decided to look into the issue further.

More by chance than anything I stumbled across a small article on the issue of Bluetooth and USB 3 compatibility and then realized how many others must also be experiencing the issue. I can't imagine how many Bluetooth devices and computers must get returned due to this problem when in fact there are such easy fixes! Besides, a direct swap for like for like hardware of the computer or Bluetooth device won't help at all as this is problem isn't down to random "faulty" hardware.


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