Bluetooth & USB 3.0 - A guide to resolving your Bluetooth woes

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USB cables & hubs

It's really important to be using good quality shielded cables and high speed powered hubs with your USB 3.0 equipment. Here are some links to products that may be of interest.

Bluetooth adapters

If you want to try out a new Bluetooth adapter using the latest 4.0/4.1 standards here are some useful links.

Bluetooth devices

If you have some old outdated Bluetooth devices check out the following links to upgrade them to the latest 4.0 standard. Also if your still using many wired devices it's a chance to free many of your products from the tangle that they so often end up in!

USB devices

If you want stop wasting time watching progress bars slowly crawl to 100% upgrading your devices to the latest super fast USB 3.0 standard should definitely help. Here are some common product ranges that benefit from USB 3.0 support.

USB interface cards

Assuming your using a desktop computer and you want to upgrade the number of USB ports on your computer or upgrade to from a previous USB standard to USB 3.0 then a new interface card is what you need...


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